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Domestic Bliss

A Peek Behind Closed Doors

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Domestic Bliss - A Peek Behind Closed Doors

Home is where the heart is, right? So why not allow the rest of the world to peep through your windows at all the happiness and warmth that goes on there?

There are communities that show home improvement, new homes, rooms within the home, and communities that focus on design and decorating, but nothing I've found that encapsulates "life" and "moments" within that space.

Share your recipes, your latest sewing projects, ask questions about how to do things, how to build a better abode, gather info about who saw the last episode of Trading Spaces, post your grocery lists, tell the story about the squirrel you found in your laundry room, post last night's dinner menu, show off snapshots from a picnic in your backyard, a barbeque, or a pool party you threw at your place!

By all means POST PHOTOS, post lots of them! But please be kind and use the lj-cut function for more than one.

Welcome to Domestic Bliss - where we get a peep at life inside the homes of the world.